Always try jewellery on. It is easy to forget that jewellery is for wearing and that the most important thing is that it suits you. Check all fastenings. It is better to discover any faults in the shop than lose your precious bracelet, bangle or chain when you’re at home. Make sure rings fit comfortably. Most rings can be made larger or smaller by your jeweller quite easily without affecting its strength or value.

Drop earrings always look effective with long hair, while studs, large or small, suit shorter hair styles.

Try to find out your partner’s tastes in jewellery. Usually, items can be made to match existing pieces, creating a set, which always looks effective. Some people prefer more obvious jewellery while others may prefer subtle and discreet designs. Some may like traditional and old-fashioned styles and others prefer items that are modern and futuristic. Items can be personalised by representing the receiver’s interest/hobby or initials with a monogram etc.

Remember, jewellery is a personal gift and that you can have what you want and not just what the shop has to offer.

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